by jlolb

This is not my normal kind of post…

Last night on my way back into the city in the midst of a downpour, I was struck by something–this flashing board above the interstate–orange lights forming words that made my heart sink into my lap. They said something like “Amber Alert…White 94 Suburban…” etc. etc. The entire time I have been in this great city of Chicago I have felt safe–like nothing could phase me. I forgot about the fact that sometimes people become dangerous–that you have to be cautious–that a simple act could change your life. Suddenly, I wanted nothing more than to go home–to my own house, to my own bed.

Seeing that board really made me think. About how fragile life is. About how easily it could be turned upside down. About how quickly someone could come in to your life, stick your loved one in a white suburban and terrorize the hell out of you and your family. Where is this child, and who the hell took him? Is he scared? Where are they? How could they have gotten away?

This morning, I was talking to my little niece on the phone–which is hardly your normal conversation–she says hello, and I ask her to tell me what a handful of animals say. She’s only 18 months, I mean, the conversation is better than one would expect from an 18 month old. She’s absolutely adorable and can make my day–I love when my sister hands her the phone.

I thought about that. And then I thought about the child–the boards above the interstates are still flashing with that liscense plate number…I thought about how that little child is someone’s niece or nephew–someone else’s child–someone else’s “light” in their day.

Lets hope that that little child makes it’s way home soon.

**turns out that the little boy that was abducted is actually Jennifer Hudson’s nephew. Her mother and brother were shot and killed on Friday, and after that her nephew was taken. Let’s hope that the young boy is returned home safely. The news is saying they have nothing–that the little boy, Julian, is still missing.