Is it?

by jlolb

It’s just coffee. Right?

I mean, I had three options to get to know the guy. It’s a semi-blind occasion. I know what he looks like–we’ve never met. He has salt and pepper hair (which I think is hot–especially on a young guy), and wears glasses. So maybe this meeting isn’t blind, just blurry.

Options: 1) coffee at a lovely establishment downtown; 2) casual stroll through one of the parks in the city (supposed to be good weather on Saturday–he’ll bring the coffee); 3) Sunday night at a sushi bar.

Saturday is no good. Dear friend is getting married. Trucking over to the ceremony with some of the gals. Besides, parks=stalkers=death=body parts scattered throughout the underbrush.

Sunday…this could work. I like sushi. And I really like saki.

Coffee sounds most appealing, however. And this is the plan. To chat over endless amounts of late night coffee. Unless one of my besties goes in to labor at some point today, in which case I will spend tonight dressed as a tin-man wandering the streets with sweet little Dorothy in her red shoes filling our plastic pumpkins with cavity inducing substances.

I was freaking out to my sister on the phone. I don’t like first dates. Especially first blurry dates. They make me nervous. She probably cursed at me and told me to chill out, and then tried to smooth my insanity by adding–it’s not a date–it’s just coffee…..right??

In any case, I’ll keep you lovelies filled in 😉

*Sorry for the inconsistency with the blogging lately. I’ve been bad. But I’ve been so insanely busy around here that I truthfully just haven’t had neither the brain energy, nor the creativity to do so. But, it feels good to be back!