It wasn’t.

by jlolb

It wasn’t just coffee. It wasn’t coffee at all. Because due to some communication errors, I accidentally stood him up. I know, right?? I basically fell over myself apologizing. It’s a long, complicated story full of miscommunication. On the bright side, there are no hard feelings, and tonight, it is going to be sushi. And saki. And, fingers crossed, wondeful conversation. I will have a full report for all of you lovelies tomorrow morning! 🙂 Lets just hope he’s remembered daylight savings time and we don’t end up missing each other again due to a stupid extra hour (that I so appreciated this morning) in our day.

On another note, I have to share with you the sweetest pictures I have ever seen–hijacked from my sister.

Little miss Emerson was the most adorable little witch you have ever seen this year for Halloween. Here are the pics to prove it!

She’s blowing on the flowers
Walking through the park in the square
Holding her Emerson-sized pumpkin

Hanging with her candy

I love this one!

I know, adorable! I’ll leave you with these and be back with a *hopefully* interesting, positive and uplifting post in the morning. And hopefully, it won’t be one of those pitiful “this date sucked, and I can’t believe I put myself through it” type of dates. Fingers crossed!