by jlolb

So, the sushi was amazing. And so was the conversation. He’s handsome. Salt and pepper hair (he’s not that old), converse tennis shoes, great glasses. Pretty darned close to the best first date I have ever been on. Hopefully I will be seeing him again next weekend!

He ordered a bunch of random sushi, which, frankly, scared the hell out of me–as up until last night, I was pretty reserved about my choices in sushi. I have no idea what I ate last night, but I know it was amazing.

Anyway, we had dinner and talked until they were closing the place down at which time we decided we should probably should head out. I’ll spare the boring details and let it be enough to say that the conversation was wonderful and I’m actually excited to see him again–and this doesn’t happen all that often in my world! Lets be honest! 🙂

On another note, get your butts out tomorrow and VOTE!