by jlolb

I have the day off tomorrow! Whooohooo!! Let’s get drunk and celebrate, right?? Yeah, no.

I took the day off to babysit the niece. No daycare. And I am totally stoked about it.

Even if she did throw a temper tantrum at the grocery store tonight which required my taking her out to the car while my sister finished up.

I, then, tried to get her out of her car seat when we got back to their house and she threw a fit. Whatevs dude–stay in that seat all night for all I care. Psh.

On the other hand, whenever she says, “Thank you Mamie, or here you go Mamie,” She’s totally forgiven. Little shit. It’s amazing how they can be such punks one second and totally sweet the next second. I was cutting up potatoes and she handed me the new potato every time the last one was cut up. She’s freaking adorable.

She’s not feeling well, and the weather tomorrow is supposed to be extremely crappy, so I am thinking it’s a good day for lounging around with the grey skies, movies, ice cream, jammies, and soda (don’t tell her mom!).

On another note–there is possibly going to be another date this weekend. I think you guys would like him….he wears converse tennis shoes. I’m thinking he might be my ‘type’ though I am not sure I actually have one. I seriously think you all would approve. We’ll see how the weekend goes! 🙂 I’ll certainly let you know what, if anything, happens!! xo