Mr. Converse

by jlolb

I have, to date, been on two dates with Mr. Converse (thanks E for coming up with the nickname!). Both dates have gone well. The first–sushi, the second–dinner and a movie (Role Models–hillarious, seriously, very funny) followed by hanging out with a couple friends at my place. Yes, I let him in my house. This is a big step–a big personal step. I don’t know, there is just something about letting someone in to your space–to see more of you than the jeans, sweater, and red wool coat…it’s intimidating. Anyway, he’s fun, funny, handsome, sarcastic and the two of my friends that met him on Saturday approve.

My qualms about this situation:
* I hate dating in general. It’s kind of a hassle.
* One day I am relationship ready, the next day, I think I changed my mind. The cycle continues. I’m a walking contradiction.
* He lives an hour from here–which is no big deal, but it’s still something to consider. However, since gas here in the good ole IA is down to $1.79, I suppose I can afford to make the drive.
* He is 8 years older than me. Not a huge deal, but again, something to consider.

*He is just as busy if not more busy with his job as I am with mine. Thus, no clingy must see you every night or talk to you on the phone four hours a day stuff.
*He makes me laugh.
*He’s smart.
*He socialized with my friends, and it was a very enjoyable time.
*He wears converse tennis shoes.
*He is a democrat.

Oh, the trials of dating. I don’t know. I suppose at this point I take it one date at a time and reevaluate. Have any of you been on dates lately? Do you have any helpful advice for this gal?

AM, to answer your question…yes *blushing*