by jlolb

I am:



a thinker.


afraid of commitment.

blessed with a great group of friends–you all are awesome.

fortunate to have some lovely family members.


suffering from wanderlust.

missing my best friends from college–real life sucks.

always up for a *large* glass of red.

currently obsessed with Pink, Sugarland, and Sara Barielles’s new CDs.


usually reading a really sappy or depressing book. Paint it Black has been the latest read.


a feminist.

so thrilled to watch Emerson grow into her own person–attitude and all.


looking forward to the future and wishing it was easier for me to forget about the past.

excited for my next date with *him.* I think he’s seriously cool.

an ice cream lover.

an absolute hater of the following: sour cream, cottage cheese, ranch dressing, mustard, bleu cheese, hangnails.

finicky about cheese–there are some things I enjoy it on (i.e. pizza, pasta) and other instances in which I hate it (i.e. on burgers, cheese soups, cheese and crackers, cheese dip).

always complaining that my feet are too hot.

addicted to Diet Coke–which leads to my dehydration and vitamin deficiency.

a hopeful cynic.

constantly searching.

Who are you?