by jlolb

I’m currently experiencing blog-block. I have nothing to blog about.

The one thing that I do have to blog about is currently a secret, so I can’t blog about that yet.

I could blog about work–but you’d all be bored literally to tears, so we will skip that, too.

I could blog about my adorable niece, but you’re all bored with that.

I could blog about the latest boy in my life…oh, wait?

I could blog about the really fast trip I am taking to Chicago this weekend for an event, but all the driving leaves me exhausted.

I could blog about the dark quote by Plath on that I really really liked, but then you would all get the impression that I was dark and demented, so I’ll leave that one out.

I could blog about how I wouldnt have to be blogging today because if I had participated in BlogSecret, my blog would have been automatic. And I wouldn’t be sitting here with blog-block.

So, today, blog-block wins. Here’s to hoping something exciting happens before tomorrow.