I love blogging….

by jlolb

So, Murphy decided to stay overnight. He slept on the couch, of course. And I thought the day was shot, again. Then, Dolce left me a sweet little gift which turned my day right around! I got a blog award–and that, my friends, makes me feel pretty stinkin’ special! XXXO to you Dolce.

This blog award is given to sites that:

~ inspire you

~ make you smile and laugh

~ give amazing information

~ is a great read

~ have an amazing designand/or any other reasons you can think of that makes them uber amazing!

The rules of this award are: Put the logo on your blog or post. Nominate at least 5 blogs that for you are Uber Amazing! Let them know that they have received this Uber Amazing award by commenting on their blog. Share the love and link to this post and to the person you received your award from.

***I have to add one disclaimer–I am going to be sharing this award with my bloggy friends–to my real life friends, you already know how much I love you and love your blogs! There’s no secret there! So, L, K, B, A, C, D–just know I love you, but this time, I’m spreading the wealth to the bloggy friends. 🙂

I love blogging. I love the blogging community of gals I have established–I have read so many stories of heartbreak, success, sadness, hopefulness–I just think the world of all my bloggy friends. I refer to you all as “My friend Sara, or my friend Amanda…” And, then, when I explain to my real life people that we are blog friends, they look at me a little bit like I’m crazy. But it’s true, you all have become a lovely addition to my life. It’s hard to choose just 5 of you to award, but I think I’ve narrowed it down. So, the 5 fabulously lovely bloggers I have chosen are:

Sara Jane: for the sake of her newly sought anonymity, I am not going to link this big sexy. She is my number one blog of the day–she writes it all–whether it’s about her job, her latest boys, the friends, happiness, sadness, Sara’s posts are always thoughtful, and always well written. xxxo. SJ and I would be friends in real life, we’ve already established that. *SJ, if you want me to link you, let me know, otherwise I’ll respect your privacy! Ha! 🙂

Amanda: I love Amanda’s blog. And she leaves the best comments. She can always make me smile, no matter the day. Her blogs are often humorous, and I love to hear of her every day adventures. Plus, I totally like her posting style–check it out–it’s a unique change to your typical paragraph by paragraph blog. She’s optomistic, and she always makes me smile.

Bayjb: I spent a lot of time in Chicago this fall, and every time I was there, she would comment about making sure I wore a jacket or told me about the expected forcast. Although we never met, unfortunately, I always feel like we’re on the same page, especially when I am in Chicago! Plus, her stories are great. Awesome writer.

Auburn Cat: I love Auburn Cat’s blog. She makes me laugh–mostly because the things that she gets “cranky” about are the same things I get cranky about. I think we get along that way. I think she and I would definitely get along–she’s one who writes in a variety of styles–happy, sad, cynical, dorky, and can even make light of having a nasty case of kidney stones.

Kyla Bea:I always enjoy Kyla’s tales of her pups and her married life. Kyla is always astounding me with her chic-domestic-ness. This married gal can make her own preserves and knit a scarf like no one’s business–but she’s still cool as all get out.

So, lovelies, I hope you all know that I love love love your blogs. XXXXXOOO

Anyone thinking that we should plan a weekend and fly somewhere centrally located and just hang out and tell stories and drink wine and hang out??? I kinda do…