by jlolb

There is a little boy that I have gotten to know over the last year or so. He’s a pretty cool little kid with a personality unrivaled by any other child…or adult…I have ever met. He has the biggest green-blue eyes that jump out from beneath his shaggy blonde hair and the sweetest little grin. This little guy, he’s also quite the snuggler–a loving, sweet little boy. He loves superheros–Spiderman and Batman seem to be the two favorites. At times he can be rambunctious and loud, and he loves wrestling with his siblings. His name is Bowen, he is three and a half, and he inspires me every single day.

Bowen is the nephew of a dear friend of mine, and before I knew Bowen, I knew nothing of the disease he has been battling. Bowen has, since birth, been dealing with a rare blood disorder called Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA). I am no expert on the disease, in fact, my knowledge of it is quite cryptic, but I do know the basics–Bowen’s body can’t produce red blood cells. Like I said, this disease is extremely rare, it affects less than a thousand people in the entire world–little Bowen is one of them. He has been recieving blood transfusions since he was an infant, and now, his family hopes their next step will cure this little guy’s disease.

The next step is a bone marrow transplant. His original transplant was supposed to happen last spring. There were complications with his blood which halted the procedure and led to this little guy being bound to a small backpack for four months that was feeding medicine into his body 24/7. It worked perfectly, and now he and his family are back in action–taking this next big step. His transplant is Tuesday–a gift from his big brother Ryder, who just turned 5. The whole family was at our house on Halloween night–I gave Bowen a big hug. As he climbed up on my lap, I rubbed his back and said “BoBo–your backpack is gone!!”, and he said, “I know, now you can rub my back.” Talk about something that’ll make your heart melt.

I am asking all of you to keep Bowen and his family in your thoughts. If you pray, please pray for Bowen, if you know people who pray, ask them to do the same. Spread awareness on this disease that so many know so little about. Bowen has a long road ahead of him–one that I am sure he will face daily with those bright eyes and with the amazing resolve he has mustered in his short three and a half years. This child is truly a super hero–as is his big brother–who has been asked to do such an important thing, and to give such a great gift. These two young boys have been asked to perform big tasks, huge tasks, and they (and the rest of their family) continue on with steadfast determination, bravery and more courage than one would assume two little boys could have. They are remarkable little people, truly. May this week go as smoothly as is possible for Bowen, Ryder and their family. We’re all cheering for you guys!!!! XXO

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