You gotta have friends….

by jlolb

If you ever have a day that leaves you feeling like this:

I have decided the best solution is to call up your best friends. Although we live only 28 minutes from each other, we don’t see each other as often as we should, so I was especially excited when these lovely ladies met me last night for dinner, and we had a blast–we laughed, caught up, shared disgust over the nasty sauce the waitress brought Danielle (seriously, sick), harassed Lucy about her newest boy, it was lovely. The photos below pretty much sum up my dear friends’ personalities to a T–Lucy’s changes depending on the topic of choice ( the closed mouth smirk was from when I started razzing her about the Iraqi war veteran who will *hopefully* become her husband soon; the excited one with her hands in the air came from our conversation about mud wrestling a cute boy in the rain–Lucy, not me; and the final one where she looks disgruntled came on as we decided that we had to get going. Danielle, true to form, is typically pretty excited, so that picture works, too!).

Seriously, I have great friends. And I love them. They know that. A girl finds only a few good girlfriends in her life, and I happen to be blessed with some of the best of them! XXXO