“Claudia, your roots are showing.”

by jlolb

One of my best friends sent me a Christmas card that I received this week.  The front says “Fortunately, she had remembered to stock up on Prozac before going home for the holidays.”  My dear friend, she knows me well.  And don’t worry, I’ve stocked up.

Holidays around my family tend to be a bit dysfunctional.Home for the Holidays  There are typically fights, tears, burnt food, slammed doors, yelling, ignoring and, importantly, lots and lots of booze.  I am sure this year will be no different.  I am also sure that no one will find it surprising that one movie, a 13 year old movie at that, which I saw for the first time this week, was um, strangely, shockingly familiar! It was a recommendation from two lovely friends: E and K.  “Home for the Holiadys” with Holly Hunter–anyone?  It’s awesome.  Hillarious. Dysfunctional. Ironic.  Loved loved loved it.

If you can’t find it at your video store, just buy it–it was like 7 bucks on Amazon.  Those of you who have to continually chant in your head not to kill yourself by hanging with the ribbon from all of the gifts under the Christmas tree or eating the glass bulb ornaments over the holidays disfunctional holidays like me will love this. If your holidays are happy-go-lucky, don’t bother, you won’t get it.

Am I the only one out there with a crazy family?  How do you all do it?  Is there any way to medicate the situation without drinking yourself into oblivion?  I think my brother in law is bringing his Wii, so there will be some distraction there–Wii tennis, bowling, beer pong, etc.  The other distraction I will cozy up with will come in a bottle–a big, green bottle filled with lovely purple liquid that will make my blood run warm…