Your baby is so cute!

by jlolb

This morning, I took my ailing friend to the doctor’s office.  She went in, and I stayed in the waiting room feeding her adorable little 5 week old baby, Millie.  jamie-millie3Millie is the sweetest little baby–lots and lots of dark hair and big blue eyes with a button nose just like her big sister’s. This picture is me and Millie on the day after she was born.  She still looks a lot like that, only she’s a little bit bigger!

So, I’m standing there, bottle in hand, swaying this little baby from side to side and the receptionist behind the counter says, “How old is your baby?”

Is she talking to me?  Did she just say *your* baby? “Actually, it’s my friend’s baby (motion to where friend was just sitting) and she’s just about five weeks old.”

I walk back and start swaying again.  Still feeding baby–the bottle is resting on my chest and I am holding the baby while blackberry-ing with both hands, and another woman comes out of the door and walks over to us:

“Oh my gosh, she is so cute! How old is she?” 

“She’s just about 5 weeks old.” 

“She is just a doll.”

“Yes, she’s a little sweetie.”

“Well, you enjoy your first Christmas with her!”  And she walks away. Um?  I don’t dare correct her now, what’s the use? I must have looked too practiced with the whole balanced bottle/Blackberry thing going on….note to self–act inept while holding baby.

Baby needs a diaper changed.

We go to the bathroom, find the changing table and she’s cooing, obviously feeling better.  Another woman walks in.

“Your baby is so cute!”

“She’s not mine, but thanks!”  And I say this because she *IS* freaking cute.  One of the cutest babies ever.  For real.

And all of this went down in like 45 minutes.  It probably did look like my baby. I’m standing there, baby and bottle in hand, and my hair matches hers–we probably did look like we belonged together. I am at an age where I could be a mother and it would be socially acceptable.  People my age have babies all the time.  Then I had to chuckle–me, with a baby….that was actually mine?  Ha! Yeah, right!!!!!!  Winos don’t have babies!  A baby is the LAST thing I need/could imagine in my life–not even a sweet little doll like Millie.  I don’t want to grow up.  Oh lord.  What would I do with a baby?