A little about me….

by jlolb

Alright, SJ has tagged every0ne whose names are less than 7 letters and who have birthdays that have 7s in them.  I happen to have both. Therefore, here I am, to tell you seven things about me that you might not know.

1) I drive a hatchback, and I love it.  His name is Eugene.  He’s a little bit quirky and a little bit nerdy, just like me.

2) I am a wino.  Enough said?  I think so.

3) I learned how to play Cribbage yesterday.  Now I am basically addicted.  Seriously, it’s fun.

4)  My parents were divorced when I was 8.  We (my 2 sisters and I–I am the middle child) lived with my mom.

5) I think I want to get married and have a brood of kids someday–but, my inability to commit often makes me doubt the likelihood that that will happen.

6) I have been watching House for nearly five hours because I am too tired to do anything else.  And on Sunday, I plan on watching season 3 of Weeds in its entirity.  The thing about staying at Dad’s loft with a 20 month old is the fact that if one person is up at 6:30, so is everyone else…definitely not catching up on any sleep this week.

7)  You blogging people are some of my favorites in the world. And along with you all, I have some really amazing friends.  It’s been such a blessing to know you all. xxxxo

Other things I could tell you but you probably already know–I have an obsession with both dresses and nail polish.  My latest favorite color is called Girl Talk.  And, I can’t wait to wear my new red dress tomorrow to the wedding.  I hate dating.  I love Christmas. I like to sleep a lot. Crabby babies upset me.  I love not crabby babies.  I love crabby babies, too, but the not crabby ones are easier.  I don’t mind flying–I love airports, except for O’Hare.  I love the heat of the desert, but I really love a good snow.  I am addicted to my blackberry.  And I depend on the advice of all of the amazing people in my life.  I love a good pair of black heels.  I hate ironing.  I hate doing dishes.  I hate doing laundry. I hope to find a man who can do those things well so I don’t have to.  I’m a workaholic.  I love the show Intervention.  I hate the ever so often let down…