by jlolb

I am.  I’m pissed.  I didn’t make the wedding.  An ice storm in central Iowa kept that from happening.  The day before, it was 64 degrees in Nebraska.  And 50 something in Iowa.  Then this ice storm comes out of nowhere.  And now, today, it’s unseasonably warm and everything is melting.  I was stranded in Nebraska.  I didn’t get to wear that perfect red dress and I didn’t get to see my two friends get married. 

Then, this morning, I go to leave and my car is like dead.  A big dead hunk of metal sitting on the parking lot. We (my dad and BIL) have to push it out of the spot it is in so that we (my dad and BIL) can reach it wtih jumper cables and that works.  Phew.  Thank goodness.  I hit the interstate and take off.  And then my CD player starts cutting out.  It just turns off mid song for about two seconds and then comes right back on.  Any button I push brings me to the screen where you change the time on the clock.  The CD player has now eaten my CD and refuses to give it back.  Any button you push for a radio station, you have to push twice before it will switch–and the clock thing still happens, too.  But you have to be careful of which station you pick, because on half of them, the volume is so low you can barely hear the song. That didn’t make me very happy either.

So, then, I grab my blackberry and try to look up possible options for what the hell is going on with my car.  It won’t go to the internet because it says I don’t have sufficient network coverage.  So, I drive another hour and try again–nothing. So, I call my cell phone provider to see what the hell is going on with my phone, and they’re closed because it’s Sunday.  Yeah, yeah, day of rest, whatever, get someone to attend to your support lines on Sundays!!!!!!!!

Now, I am in the office because I needed the internet.   I am going to drive back home and take a nap.  That is, if my car starts.  If not, I will be walking home and not updating you about how pissed that is going to make me because my stupid phone doesn’t work.

And, and, and… how about a little update? So, after I wrote this post, I went to comment on another blog.  The word verification forced me to write in the word tramp.  Seriously.  I am likely going to be struck by lightening, next.

I have bad karma going on. Maybe I should drink more water.