Happy 2009

by jlolb

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope you all had lovely holidays.  Mine were a mix of lovely and chaotic. The lovely including seeing some of the fam I haven’t seen in a while and the chaotic, well, there’s a list there including but not limited to: car troubles, ice storm, a select few of us offending cousin’s new BF by dropping the word “fuck” several times including a few around the dinner table–psh, get over it, I say, sorry.  Here are a few of my favorite pics from the festivities:

This is me, my big sis (who turned 27 yesterday–happy birthday, old balls), and Emerson. Yes, I am fully aware that it looks as though one of us belongs to the milkman…something makes me believe I’m the one…


This is Em and my grandpa–I love this pic!dsc007271

What’s Christmas Eve morning without covering yourself in multi colored frosting?  No, I was not decorating Christmas cookies in purple and yellow–I made those especially for this little tyke.


My BIL.  I know, I can’t figure out what the hell she was thinking, either. (Sorry, still don’t know how to make this shit rotate…)


A few of the cousins:  Aut, Jacob, me, Amanda, and Christy–my little sister.


Emerson being a know it all in my cousin’s glasses.  This picture cracks me up.


Anyway–it’s a new year…I’ve never really been one who is good at resolutions.  I typically do the whole “I’m giving up candy” thing, and it lasts about 3 days and then I binge on Pez and Heath bars and Swedish Fish until I actually give myself a stomach ache.

Lets just let it be enough to say that there are a lot of things about my life I hope to change this year.  Things I hope to be better at.  Things I hope to give up.  A friend of mine wrote a post about picking a word and living by it the entire year.  I think that if I were to pick a word around which to live my year, that word would be “honest.”  To others of course, but mostly, to myself.  It’s time to start living for me–making decisions for me. Getting “good” with myself.  I’m done letting guilt or a sense of obligation keep me from doing the things that are best for me. I’m lowering my expectations of situations I know won’t change.  Another good friend of mine told me that I need to start living one day at a time–finding the good in a 24 hour period and going with it…because if I continue to focus on “getting somewhere” I’m going to miss way too much happy along the way. I think she’s right. 

So, there are several resolutions goals I have set for myself this year–a few of them I am going to keep to myself and let you all know when I jump hurdles with them–the others include: being a great sister/aunt/friend; eating healthier (notice I said healthier, not healthy–because this girl cannot give up pizza, or chili bread bowls [bread bowls that are drenched in fatty fatty butter] from her favorite lunch establishment, sorry); finding an exercise routine again; traveling as much as I can afford to (Denver, I’ll see you next month!); and, ultimately, finding a constant happy.  Wish me luck…