The Honest Scrap

by jlolb

Many many thanks:-)

AM has tagged me with this lovely award:

I am feeling pretty honored to recieve this award –Thanks! 🙂 The award comes with rules, of course: we honorees are to: A) first list 10 honest things about yourself – and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep! B) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.


Ten things about me that you all don’t already know…this could be difficult, but I will see if I can think of something…sorry if any of them are repeats!

1) In college, I actually liked writing papers.  Tests were not my favorite, but throw a paper my way any day and the research/writing that went into said paper actually became fun for me.  It was during college I learned of my love for crafting words.  I can remember writing papers and examining them sentence by sentence for days before handing them in–I always wanted to make sure the words flowed exactly how I wanted them to sound.  Nerd. Yes. I know.

2) I get really creeped out by silence.  Especially at night.  There always has to be a radio or a tv or a fan going in the evenings before I feel comfortable.  I sleep with a fan on for this very reason.

3) I had braces….twice.

4) I visited 11 countries during college. Thailand, Vietnam, England, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Turkey, Gre…you get the idea.

5) In high school, I got caught drinking and got an MIP…twice.

6) I’ve never broken a bone…not even a finger or a toe.

7) I am a Titanic fan.  Sometimes I closet this fanship, but I’ll reveal it to you all, loud and clear. I love the movie.  I think it’s fantastic.  Great music. Great story. And who doesn’t LOVE Kate and Leo? Revolutionary Road anyone????

8 ) I have a pretty good dose of OCD when it comes to all things hot–have I unplugged my flat iron?  Did I use the stove this morning?  Did I blow out that candle?  Did I unplug the iron?  I can’t tell you how many times I have turned around after leaving home to go back and check these things…or that I have called roommates and made them check.  It’s ridiculous, and I am terrified of burning down my house.

9) I love winter for three reasons:  Snow, peppermint ice cream and the spirit between Thanksgiving and Christmas–people just seem nicer then.

10) Green is my favorite color.

Okay, as far as people I am going to tag for the Honest Scrap:

Kara: Because she’s the most honest person I know.  And she’s least likely to fill this out, but whatever. She deserves it.

Beth: A blog friend and a real friend whom I feel like I have lost a little contact with due to this darned maternity leave!  She probably won’t fill this out either, but whatever.

Sara Jane: A dear friend whom I think embodies the Honest Scrap Award.  She is awesome, and I think she will fill this out, thus giving you all a chance to know her better, too.

Andrea:  She just got married, and her honest stories about the tales of married life are hysterical.

Danielle:  One of my besties who is probably the one person I know who is extremely honest with herself.  Danielle feels honestly, writes honestly, and is a lovely part of my life. (You are too, Lucy, it’s just that you don’t have a blog so I can’t tag you.)

Dolce:  Because she’s been gone forever and I am craving some hilarious random knowledge about her life.

Bayjb: I love her tales of her adventures in Chi-town.  She makes me laugh, and I think we have a lot in common–even the strange stuff.

XXXXO Lovelies!