January Blahs.

by jlolb

January, in my opinion is one of the longest months of the year.  It’s often dreary,  the days are short,  the weather is questionable, and the letdown of the holiday season nearly drowns us.  There are a lot of reasons that make me hate January, really.  I think it’s a dismal, depressing month.  However, I am trying to look at things differently–I think I am going to do the opposite!  Things that make me happy this time of year!  Here goes:

*Looking out the door to the office and seeing this makes me happy.  It might look dreary and cold, but I think it’s absolutely beautiful.  One of my favorite things is to see this place covered in snow.view

*I am happy about the fact that I learned to knit.  It’s relatively addicting–I think my fingers probably have callouses on them, as I feel like I have done nothing but knit all weekend long!  My first scarf is riddled in imperfections, but I don’t care.  It’s going to be amazing.

*Yesterday spent at the basketball games with my friend Bethy and her sweet little doll baby Millie.  Holding a baby makes me extremely happy.  People confusing me for her mother and telling me that I am a natural with that sweet little 9 pound muffin–that’s an entirely different story.  As I’ve said before, there’s no way in hell I am prepared for a baby.  Love babies.  Just don’t want one.

*My bed–it’s the most comfortable place on earth.  Freshly cleaned fleece sheets and lots of pillows–there is really nowhere else I would rather be.


 *Tea.  And a good book.  And a comfy blanket on a Sunday afternoon.  Especially when it is cold outside and the wind is howling. Enough said. 

*My bookshelf.  It’s full of books I have read and those I haven’t. There is now another pile building up on the side of it as I have outgrown the space I have for books.  I have books scattered everywhere–if only I had time to read them all!happy3

*I have a lovely trip to Denver to look forward to–I leave the 26th of February.  I am going out to see my lovely friend, Colie, and spend an extended weekend catching up, and plotting out life–trying to figure out what it has in store for me.  Maybe Denver is in the future?   This is us during homecoming my senior year in college–the days of my red hair!  Can’t wait to see her!jamiecolie2

*I also might be going to see Bride Wars this afternoon with my dear friend Danielle.  Looking forward to it–sounds like it is supposed to be a pretty cute movie!

*I start traveling relatively soon, so getting that schedule together is fairly exciting–Chicago, Phoenix, and who knows where else, here I come!

*That I have discovered The Veronicas–they’re pretty awesome.

*Randomly discovering Kathy Griffin’s comedy special on Bravo–she cracks me up–I admire her audacity, and ability to be frank, even when it’s not PC.  She’s brave.  And hilarious.

*And of course, you, bloggy friends–you all make me very happy–especially during this rotten month.

What keeps you out of a January slump??