by jlolb

I’m in a really foul mood today.  I’m just plain growly.  I might bite someone.  There are lots of reasons.  Lots of things have me irritated, and downright pissy.  But, do you want to know what really pisses me off?  People who drive like fucktards. 

Seriously.  I was in the car more than my usual today as I had an appointment and then had to pick someone up from the airport, and people are driving like they’re either a) blind b) four or c) like there is a rabid chipmunk flying through their car and they are doing their best to catch the little beast while keeping their big ass Crown Vic on the road.  Come on people.

And, I mean, yes, I’ll give a little leeway–we got like five inchessnow of snow Sunday morning, but for shit’s sake –it’s cleared up–the roads are, for the most part, just fine! And it’s the end of January!  You’ve all been going through this for the last two months–why today?  Is it because it’s Monday?  Because you didn’t get enough sleep this weekend?  You’re not incompetant.  You’re not.  If it looked like —> that outside, maybe I’d be a little more sympathetic, but we got mere inches, not feet.

I’m all about caution–don’t get me wrong.  If there is actually a reason to slow to a turtle’s pace to avoid premature death, yes, lets slow down–ride the brakes a little bit, don’t make irrational maneuvers, and obviously if you are trucking through snow drifts, I all about scaling back on the speed.

But these five inches–they were cleared up.  Yesterday.  You’re Iowans, you know how to handle this. And yes, those of you who are just driving through from Cali doing reserach for your social experiment for psych class to see what it is like to live in the tundra and the effects it has on the sanity of residents of said tundra, you have a pass.  Those of you who are spending your first winter here in this lovely state, you have a pass, too.  But to the rest of you…get your shit together, put your mittens on, and drive like you know how.  I’m sick of you.

And if it doesn’t change–those Californian researchers are going to have quite a story to write about S.A.D. because I am absolutely going to lose my shit.

See you tomorrow.  I promise I’ll be in a better mood.