My GirlS!

by jlolb

I did, I disappeared for a short while.  And now I’m back!  And I don’t have much to say because I have a lot of negative energy regarding some events of the past few days, so I’d rather not go there.  Instead, I want to share with you something incredibly exciting!

This sweet bug is my little niece Emerson.  You’ve all been introduced to her many many times before.  She and I got to spend the day together last week as I was able to take the day off and babysit.  We had a blast. We played with PlayDoh, fake food, had tea parties, watched Dora, colored, ate lots of applesauce, tortured the dog, you name it. Having kids is exhausting, but so fun.  This picture was taken as she was in the process of spilling applesauce ALL over herself! Isn’t she stinkin adorable?  dsc00859

So, I’ve also told you all in the past that dear big sister is preggers again.  Today she had the ultrasound to figure out what that little baby was.

Let me introduce you all to Emerson’s little SISTER, HG (I’ve already nicknamed her).  My sister has given the go-ahead to post the new baby’s name.  Pictured here, dear friends, you see little Harper Grace.


Ahh, so excited to meet this sweet little girl!  She looks like she’s already sucking her thumb! 🙂  See you in a few months, sweet baby!