Is anyone still there?

by jlolb

Holy shit. I’ve been gone for a long time. I didn’t realize. Well, maybe I did but was in denial about the neglect I had been showing my poor blog and my dear bloggy friends.
Where have I been? All over. Chicago for a couple weeks. Crazy for a while in there. Many a day has been spent on the phone as this is our busiest season at work. Life? What’s that? Oh, right, that thing I used to have—that thing I had before it turned to March? Right, that.
So, in the last four weeks, what have I done? Driven nearly 2,500 miles. Celebrated a couple birthdays—my 24th and my niece’s 2nd. Ended a decade long, tumultuous relationship/friendship. Developed a big crush on a guy in Chicago, and promptly ran into a locker while speaking to him—face first—it was incredibly attractive, I am sure. Started running, again…bought new running shoes—love them…but now my knees are absolutely killing me. Apartment hunted for some incredible places with lots of character. Rekindled a friendship with a person who was extremely important in my teenage years—glad to have him back. Spent time with some great friends—and countless hours discussing the “big questions.” I read some great books. I went fishing, soaked up the sun, and drove too fast on gravel roads. Made big plans which I’ll share with you at a later date (hopefully not a month later). I’ve been happy, I’ve cried, I’ve laughed. I’ve done a lot in the last four weeks, and I’ve missed you…I’m glad to be back. And thanks to my hiatus, I feel incredibly refreshed, with lots of thought seeping out of these fingers…I hope you all still read 🙂  …I promise not to disappear for another four weeks, especially without explanation.