I would tell him…

by jlolb

I would tell him several things…if we still were in contact, that is. 

These are just a few:

-I’m really not as big of a bitch as you’ve come to believe I am.

-Our pictures from high school proms and homecoming dances  that I found over the weekend are really quite cute–we look young–you still have a baby face in them, and I look 20 pounds lighter.  They’d’ve been a cute slideshow at an event if we ever were together/married.

-Your relationship with her really was a crumbling point for us…

-I miss you less than I thought I would.  What a relief.

-I don’t picture you as “the one” anymore…the one that I was sure I was going to be with in the end. And for the first time in years, I’m okay with that.

-I still think you’re a great guy. Really.

-I’d like to erase your number from my phone as a precaution from drunk text messaging, but I can’t bring myself to do it.

-I like your hair better when it’s short.

-I think you two should get together…you’re quite perfect for each other.

-This is the last blog I’ll ever write about you.

-I’m wearing your socks right now.  The blue wool ones you left at my place that one time.  They’re comfy.

-You still have a really nice butt.  I remember drooling over it at baseball and football games in those tight pants when we were in high school.

-I still stalk you on Facebook.