Going West…

by jlolb

If you really want to rock your world, this should happen to you: your job should be posted on your office’s website under the “careers” tab, and your landlord should put the “For Rent” sign in your front yard all in the same day.  If you are ever looking for an incredible jolt into reality, into the essence of  your decisions and their effects, into the great unknown adventure that lies at your fingertips, that’s what you should do.  Especially if these life changes have occurred through your own volition.

So, do you all remember the “news” I have been illuding to for several weeks if not months?  Well, here it is: I’m moving.  Not from Blogspot to WordPress.  Not up the street or across town.  Not to an office with a window.  Oh, no. To Colorado.  Denver to be specific.  If you’ve been reading for very long, you all remember I went out there to visit in February.  Well, I fell in love instantly and since then have been plotting the ways to get myself back there.

Thanks to a dear, dear friend in Denver and the support of some great people back here in Iowa, I have decided it’s time!  I informed the job and the landlord, and in four short weeks, I will be packing up a UHaul and driving across a couple states to encounter my next great adventure.

I am so looking forward to sunny mountain views, fun nights out, amazing weather, winter weekends spent on the slopes, and hot granola Birkenstock wearing boys mixed in with some Colorado cowboys.  Mostly I am looking for a new adventure.  I have had the itch to relocate.  To find a place where I feel at peace enough to start to feel settled.  Lets hope this does the trick. Am I terrified? Midly.  Sad to leave? Very. Will it be worth it?  I think it will.  And a wise friend recently told me something that has stuck these last couple of weeks.  She said, “It’s spring, and in the spring, anything is possible.”  Here’s hoping she’s right.

Wish me luck!jodenver