High Altitude

by jlolb

It’sbeen kindof a whirlwind. I have spent the last week and a half searching for jobs, interviewing, trying to get settled, n72901478_1567learning the city, sunbathing, and packing to come back to Iowa to finish up the job. In the mean time, I got a great tan, spent some time wishing death upon myself as the alititude took hold on top of the first mountain I climbed hiking, had a few vodka smoothies, played some tennis and drank a case of wine with the new roomie. 

We move into our new adorable little place in about a week and a half, so hopefully she does some major packing while I’m away.  🙂 I was originally slated to go back to Colorado on Tuesday, but the older sibling is being induced on Wednesday, so I decided that it would be ridiculous to miss the birth of the baby by a day, thus I rescheduled the flight and am now going back to Denver on Friday. We move the next day. It’s going to be crazy.

But probably not as crazy as the debocle of me trying to get home yesterday.

To get from Denver to Des Moines, you have to take a detour to Phoenix.  Fine, you got it.  But don’t take a detour in Phoenix where you have to change terminals and airlines.  Because if you do that, with less than an hour to spare, you will find yourself waiting impatiently for the airport bus and getting really irritated waiting in line for the one agent they have to serve 5,659 people. 

Thankfully, I made friends with the nice woman who was heading to Detroit. I think her name was Diane.  Anyway, Diane’s flight was leaving 10 minutes after mine.  She was right ahead of me to get our tickets, and then was way ahead of me when I got to security.  When she saw me at the back of the line, she took pity on me, acted as though we were together, and invited me to jump in with her about 20 people ahead of where I was.  Thank you Diane

The line still took about 28 minutes, and I had only 32 to make my flight.  After getting my ID checked, I begged 5 men in the security line to let me go ahead of them, I graciously thanked them, got my arse through security, grabbed my things and took off running sans shoes to my gate.  I got there just as the last person was boarding.  My toe was bleeding, I couldn’t breathe, I had sweat dripping down my back.  I was so attractive.

But I made it.  And I’m here. Sleeping on couches.  Living out of a suitcase.  Praying for sleep.