by jlolb

I haven’t posted in a month. It’s not because I haven’t wanted to, because I have wanted to. The thing is, is that since I’ve last posted, TONS has happened.

I officially ended my last job–turned in the keys and said goodbye to my dear friends and my desk and the doors I walked through nearly every single day for 2 years. The place I spent up to what, 14 hours a day in? It was a hard goodbye. And then, the day after I left the job at the alma mater, I got a new niece! Harper Grace was born and so I extended my trip to Iowa a few days and got to spend a couple of days with the family before flying back to Colorado on Friday night. The next day, Saturday, we moved into our new idyllic house which I am absolutely in LOVE with. Tuesday I interviewed for a job, Tuesday they offered me the job, Wednesday I started the job! It all happened REALLY fast!

The job=wonderful. The commute=terrible. The only thing that pulls me out of the funk known as my evening commute is waking up the next day and watching the mountains on the drive in, and the viewย out the picture windows of the “office” I work out of (read as: my bosses amazing house’s basement for the next two weeks until we move into a much larger, more suitable environment!) I work with some great people–they’re quite hilarious. I work in the beer industry and all the people I have come into contact with have been super nice. Plus, there is free booze involved, which saves me some money!! It’s been busy and I think it, much like my last job, will turn into a labor of love–where you put in the time and the work, but eventually you can see something tangible from all the hours you put in.

On top of the logistical stuff, there’s been really fun stuff happening, too! I’ve met some awesome people and some not awesome people (I have to say, the best people are the ones I meet that are from the homeland–go Iowa!!!!:) ). I’ve had great conversations and good wine. There’s been volleyball in the park, BBQs, evenings out downtown, lots of bikerides and pizza from the place around the corner, afternoons spent meandering the hippie streets of Boulder and perusing the used bookstores for the latest best finds. Tomorrow we’re going to Jazz in the Park at City Park, and on Monday we’re going to see Office Space on the side of a mountain out at Red Rocks.

There is, however, one HUGE downfall: I miss my friends and family terribly. Hey, you, go book a ticket and come visit, there’s SO much I want to show you!!!!!

But being busy isn’t why I haven’t posted in 17 years. No, there’s always time for blogging, but the one thing neccessary to do so…internet! There’s no internet at the new house and I’m not sure we will be getting any. So for now, you are stuck with these sporadic blogs birthed from a few free minutes to sneak to the library. See you soon, I hope!