The most wonderful time

by jlolb

The Christmas lights are sprouting up in the neighborhoods across my sweet city.  The oranges and browns are being closeted and then replaced by the reds, silvers and whites of the next holiday, invoking a new spirit among those living in and around.  The early darkness doesn’t seem so stifling when backlit by these new sprinkles.

Today, as I spent those hours at the coffee house drinking my vanilla latte and listening to the conversations happening around me, I felt content.  At ease.  Peaceful. The employees were putting up decorations and listening to Christmas music. The couple trying to keep their toddler quiet, yet entertained.  The highschool girls studying for their exam.  The two women who had been friends forever, chatting about husbands, lives lived, and time passed since they’d last seen each other. 

I came home.  Poured a glass of red.  Got out the lights.

It was a good day.  As they usually are, in December.