by jlolb

I’m going to run a half marathon.  I’m not sure which one, or where or even when.  But I will run 13.1 consecutive miles no matter how badly my knees and ankles hurt.  I’m going to do it.  I was up to 10m last year and then, poof.  Now I’m back to that place where 4 miles seems impossible and upon finishing, I’m gasping for air.  I’m disappointed that I let go of my stride.  And then, of course, I hope to do well at the things that come along with the training–more water, less sugar, saying goodbye to french fries–for the most part.

The others aren’t quite so tangible, I mean, I guess they’re kindof tangible, but the training schedule, well, it looks a bit different….figuring out what I want to do…graduate school or not…Colorado or somewhere else…you or not you….you. 

It’s funny, I find that I can push the topic far, far away during the rest of the year, but in the few days surrounding the start of this new year, I find myself inundated with thoughts about what I hope to accomplish, what I want for these next 12 months…how this yellow brick road should look…and, ultimately, what I hope I have left behind with our friend, 2010.  I’ll be 26 this year, peeps (holy shit).  For some reason, I’m not sure I’m exactly where I’d hoped to be when I got here, but I’m also not exactly sure what I hoped it would look like otherwise…

Consuming.  Focusing on this is absolutely consuming my thoughts.

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