Anxiety and her Demon Butterflies

by jlolb

I feel like I’m suffocating a little bit, again.

I think the worst part of Anxiety is that she’s a total ninja little bitch–you’re just standing there, having a conversation over a chunk of Kit Kat, and she sneaks right up on you and BOOM.  Before you even know she’s standing there, she’s kicked you behind the knees and you’ve ended up on the ground. 

And then she leaves you with nothing but that army of cracked-out little butterflies that she’s instructed to nest right at the bottom of your sternum, and they’re darting around flapping their wings way too fast…they don’t even flutter, really, those butterflies, they buzz.  Maybe they’re actually more like bees?  Actually, I imagine them to look a little like this:

All I really know is that I want them to go away.