by jlolb


My sister posted on the topic.  It’s something I’d thought about, but since reading her post, I’ve been thinking a lot more.  What are mine?  



To do something.

What will I do?

I’ve thought of a lot of things:  Work out more.  Drink less.  Eat well.  Hydrate often. Give more. Be better in all of my relationships. Put my laundry away the same day I pull it out of the dryer (um, nearly impossible).

But I keep coming back to this idea of happiness.  Because, while I might “only” be in my 20s, I think I’ve realized that’s where it is–the good stuff.  

So this year, I resolve to be happy.  Purposefully happy. Intentionally happy. And to work at it on those days when I’m not really feeling it.  To stalk it down if I can’t find it.  And be gentle with it when it’s near, and be gentle with myself when it’s not.

Do I want to work out more?  Yes, of course.  Should I drink less?  Probably.  Do I want to continue to eat well?  Sure.  But if I happen to be enjoying life, and the moment I’m in, and I end up drinking a little too much wine and laughing until I cry, while eating junk food, and staying up so late that I miss the alarm for the gym in the morning, I resolve that I will not beat myself up for that.

This year, I will live the goodness.  I will search for it, and befriend it, and probably fight with it a time or two.  Hell, I’ll take it to therapy if the need arises.  But the truth is, I’m committing to this, and I resolve to find the happy.  The good that sneaks up in those short little moments when the laughter is loud, or the light turns green, or the words don’t end.  Those moments when the song that’s playing could fit your life’s soundtrack perfectly, or when the light is just right at the break of day and you wake up 10 minutes before your alarm and can just be…just lay there, gratefully and enjoy the peace of a new day and the dawn that comes with it.

I’m optimistic.  This is new.  I am going with it.

Happy New Year, y’all!