by jlolb

You sat there across from me
Your face, weathered, etched into
A history of our own
And in one quick moment,
I read the volumes unabridged
Off of the soft skin of your cheeks
Captivated by your ocean eyes staring into my space
And my face–a hopeless attempt
to convince me of a truth that no longer exists
I watch the words escape your lips
quietly, sweetly, swaying gently and landing softly
Ashes of all the conversations we’d had before
Struck and burned and blown
Until they landed in the space between
Our words and our bodies
Visible, yet disintegrating at the touch
Like the contrived love notes
you left in random pockets of my suitcase and my soul
Tangible, yet meaningless
I felt the paper in my fingers
I read your scrawled writing
scratched by your nails into that sheet and the skin that covered my wounded heart
You hesitantly reach your fingers across the table
Miles of desert stretch out in the mere feet between our souls
And I flinch as I feel the valleys of
The prints of your fingers touching the flesh of mine