by jlolb

The watch she bought me for Christmas stopped keeping time the week before we broke up, and I can’t help but look back with a tinge of envy that it knew our time was up before I did.

It didn’t happen all at once really. It was a slow disintegration, the chalk of our relationship left out on the rain a bit too long until all that remained was a pile of mush. I sat there and squeezed it through my fingers surprised at how soft it was and how quickly simply rubbing it through my fingers made us disappear.

The words are never ever easy to say, which is why sometimes it takes a few tries to spit them out. And like a bomb exploding, you can’t take them back–the switch has been flipped…for better or worse, we’ll see. For a moment, we just lie there, shocked, in the shrapnel trying to figure out if that really happened, waiting for the hurt to settle heavy in our bones.

I can’t help but wonder why no one has stopped me to ask about this bleeding hole in my chest or why these pain killers aren’t taking away any of the pain.